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Who to trust ?

When you surf internet only for fun, it's just a dreamland and you don't care about who are you dealing with, but when you decide to buy something, the most common question is "who are them?"
As internet is very handy for booking a travel journey, the user number is growing up day by day. But online travel booking web sites are also getting numerous. Now it's much more difficult to decide which one is trustable ? Actually there is no any sure way about it, but at least you can check if the web site belongs to a real travel agency. This is the most important point because with the search engines you can find several sites whic are created by unauthorised persons, which means if you have a deal with them you might have some problem. For example you can pay and have a reservation but you couldn't get the service on your arrival and if this happens, as the web site isn't an authorised travel agent (doesn't have an official license) you won't be able to find a collocutor for searching your rights.
So what we reccommend is: try to see the licence copy of the web site before you have a deal. This will guarantee to keep your rights against this company in any disagreement. Also this license secure the professionality of your collocutor, because to have this license costs around $20,000 in Turkey.
LOCAL EXPERTISE:- Who knows better the country you are visiting for the first time than a person who has lived there all his life ?
IMPARTIALITY:- All our hotels and services are carefully inspected and approved by our stuff. We do not sell advertising space on our website. That makes us unique in providing a good service at competitive prices.

Who are we ?

Senkon Tours Travel Agency is a family running business and you can find below complete list of our officials.

Mr. Ertan KAYA
(Executive Manager)
Mrs. Fatma ZEHRA
(Account Manager)
(Logistic Coordinator)

Mr. Metin KOCA
(Sales Director)
(Sales Representative)

Mr. Ozgur SOYLU
(Customer Care)
(Customer Care)
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