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Visa Information
Most travelers can purchase a visa at any port of entry, but you must have cash. They do not accept traveler's checks or Turkish lira. If you'd like to avoid the delay of purchasing a visa when you arrive, you can apply online.
Americans and U.K. residents need visas to visit Turkey. Visas are good for three months and permit multiple entries. U.S. residents pay $45 and U.K. residents L10.
Americans can reach the Turkish Embassy in Washington, D.C. at  or the Consulate General offices in Los Angeles at There they also have e-mail links to the offices in Houston, Chicago and New York. 
Australians and Canadians do not need visas and may stay for three months. Australians can reach the Turkish Embassy in Canberra at 
Danes can reach the Turkish Embassy in Copenhagen at 
The Swiss can reach the Turkish consulate in Zurich at 
For a list of visa requirements by country go to the Australian Turkish Embassy pages at
If you don't find your country, you can e-mail to the closest Turkish Embassy regarding visa requirements. For e-mail addresses for Turkish Missions Abroad from Abu Dhabi to London to Zurich and for Consulates General from Berlin to Houston to Zurich go to the Swiss Turkish Embassy's site 
Travel Advisories 
The U.S. State Department at  has information on travel safety and precautions.
If you plan to drive a car, they also have an excellent Driver Safety Briefing at
that includes translation of road signs.
Street Crime in Istanbul is another excellent resource. You can find it on the Embassy's home page at Then click on Security Matters and then the topic. 
The U.S. State Department encourages its citizens visiting  in Turkey to register either with the Embassy in Ankara or the consulates in Istanbul or Adana.
The British Foreign Office at up-to-date information for travelers to Turkey. They offer information and addresses of British Consular Services Abroad as well as practical tips and health information. They also offer a new service you can sign up for that sends you updates on any country you request! 
Health Precautions 
What immunizations do you need for your trip? The Center for Disease Control (CDC) at has the answers for you and your physician. 
Traveler's Insurance 
Absolutely, positively think about travel insurance. Turkish hospitals and physicians do not operate on the Hippocratic oath, unless you have cash, a charge card, or insurance! Here are few companies that offer traveler's insurance on-line.
J.N. Grace Online Travel Insurance at  is a U.S. company that offers insurance to anyone, but travel must originate in the U.S. or Canada.
Travel Guard International at is another U.S. company.
The Travel Insurance Agency at is a British company that specializes in travel insurance. They offer all types of travel insurance for UK citizens and non-UK citizens worldwide. 
Nomad Travel Insurance at is a British company that tailor-makes policies for the backpacker, student and long-stay traveller. Policies are destination specific. For people departing from and returning to the United Kingdom, and those 45 or under at the time of purchase. Insurance for travel of up to 1 year - anywhere in the world.
BKR Insurance at is a New Zealand company.
Tourism Information 
For a list of Turkish tourism offices around the world go to Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory,
go to
If you live in the U.K., this web site will be of value to you. It's a site that offers information on all the tourism offices in the U.K. including Turkey. You can find information for Turkey's Tourism Office in London at
If, you're planning ahead, here's historical information provided by the Turkish Embassy, Washington, D.C. at then click on When to Go, then scroll down to  Average Air Temperature for Major Cities.
For a four-day forecast, see CNN at
Phoning In and From Turkey
Inside Turkey the cheapest way to call is from a public phone using a phone card bought at the post office (PTT). If the PTT is closed, you can usually find local entrepreneurs selling cards at a slight mark up near the public phones.
Your next challenge is to find a phone that is working. Lift the hand set and push the language button for either English, German or French and see what it says. If its says "Welcome," you have a phone that is working. Insert the phone card according to the arrow and you're ready to start dialing.
Inside Turkey numbers outside your area code require a 0 + area code + number. Bodrum and Datca, for example, are in the same area code and don't require an O + area code. If you dial an area code when you don't need it, you'll just get a busy signal.
If you use a Kontrol Telephone at your pension or hotel or a shop, expect to pay 3 to 4 times the PTT rate. This is not the phone to use for International calls.
To make a long distance international call you will need at least one 100 unit phone card. It maybe good for from 2 - 4 minutes. The card costs around $4.
Travel Gear 
As always, travel light when carrying your own luggage! Here are three companies that specialize in outdoor wear that you may find of interest.
Patagonia at is a northern California company with a good selection of practical travel clothes. They also have stores in France and Germany (see their Ordering page).
REI at is another California-based company. They offer  worldwide Internet shipping plus ordering information in French, German and Spanish. They also have a web page in Japanese!
Walk About Travel Gear at is based in Utah. They specialize in travel gear, but also have fun pages that offer message boards, handy tips and more. They also offer international shipping.
Learn  Turkish 
The University of Arizona in Tucson offers excellent pages for learning conversational Turkish. They are located at
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