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Blue Voyage

..:: Blue Voyage - Cruise Line::..

The sailing paradise of Turkey is home to the Blue Voyage. This idyllic cruise means sailing with the winds into coves and over the seas and becoming one with nature. It is also an experience of the history of man from the perspective of the sea rather than from the land, a jour­ney which carries you to the private beach of Cleopatra, the eternal fires of Mt. Olympos and the myriad archaeological remains of ancient civilizations.
Sailing in Turkey also allows you to experience a truly enriching cultural exchange with the hospitable and gracious people of the coastal villages and towns. The tempered winds which generally blow from the west and northwest make the long summers ideal for yachting, and seem to encourage an appreciation of nature. From some of the turquoise coast's unspoilt and sheltered bays you can see mountain peaks rising to almost 3,000 meters above sea level.
Fortunately, Turkey's modern facilities and comfort have not overshadowed her ancient hospitality and slower pace of life. The pleasure of yachting in Turkey will tempt you back again and again, to explore yet another stretch of coast and to relive the luxurious ease of life on the sea.

For a family or friend group, the best way of exploring legandary turquoise water of Aegean and Mediterranean coastline is renting a wooden gullet. There are hundred type of different gullet standart to deluxe characteristics and one will meet your necessity.
Please contact us and let us know bold details of your holiday plan, our qualified crew will definetely help you to build the most convenient itinerary of your journey.
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The more affordable way of taking the Blue Voyage, is to rent out a cabin in a pre - scheduled yacht, the usual duration of the cruise being one week.
The new schedules for 2004 will be available soon. Please check back...

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