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The Start
The take-off, contrary to popular belief, does not involve a leap-off a steep clif. ‘Just run, don’t jump!’ the briefing your pilot gives you about the the take-off goes through your mind as you put your flying suit and helmet on. Now you are ready to be strapped in to the seat harness. Ahead of you another tandem takes-off and surprisingly you start to realax as you see how easily and effortlesly it climbs away from the shallow take-off slope. Your pilot in his harness behind you and you hear the word to start running. At first you feel a pull backwards but as the glider gains its flying position above your head it gets easier to run. Leaning into it, you take a few strides and your feet start to leave the ground. Before you know it you are flying!!!!

So, what is it all about ?
Roughly speaking, you launch from a hillside under a canopy that resembles a parachute but acts like rigid wing. Once inflated overhead, it takes only a few steps or a short run to launch from gentle slopes and become airborne. In the air, complete control over direction and speed gives the pilot freedom to soar ridges, rise on warm currents of air and cover distances.

Tandem paragliding puts you in the hot seat and leaves the technicalities of flying in the hands of a competent pilot.

What's more, Oludeniz offers the best tandem site in Europe, if not the world. With perfect launch areas near the 2000 m summit of Babadag, your flight will take you over it's ridges, out over the sea for a birds eye view of the famous lagoon to a gentle landing on the beach.

Fly Above The Turkish Paradise
The flight down to Oludeniz lasts approximately half an hour depending on the conditions. On some flights there may be very little wind or thermals. We often fly around the summit of Babadag where we are dwarfed by the large cliffs. A long glide to cross over high above Oludeniz gives a breathtaking views of the lagoon and the abondened vilage of Kaya. On the other days we may fly high above the take-off in wide lazy thermals with an awe inspiring vista that streches from Patara to the south-east to Greek island Rhodes and Marmaris to the west. Whatever the conditions are on the day, we are sure you will have a flight that you will never forget. It’s hard to believe that you were up there circling among the clouds! As you descent, the air starts to get warmer and soon you feel the humidity of the sea air.

Is it safe
Our pilots fly four times a day, everyday taking people like you, male and female, old and young on this amazing adventure. Every passenger is briefed and issued with helmet, boots and flying suit and all pilots carry complete reserve and communication systems. Furthermore, conditions are carefully assessed before we take you to the sky.

Every pilot and every customer is fully insured with COMMERCIAL UNION. So, even if your normal policy excludes such activities, fully comprehensive and third - party cover is automatically arranged.

What is Included ?

Transfer from meeting up to the Babadag, flight equipment and pilot service.
Fisheye video recording is available wiht extra charge.

Paragliding over Oludeniz
Special Rate
(April - October)
$90 Everyday

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